Asbestos Control and Abatement Division

ACAD are a founder member of UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association) as we carry out all forms of asbestos related training to the industry. Training courses include New Operative (3 day) Operative Refresher (1 day) New Supervisor (3 day) Supervisor Refresher (1 day) New Manager (2 or 3 day) Manager Refresher (1 day) New Supervisory Licence Holder (3 day) Supervisory Licence Holder Refresher (1 day) BOHS P402 and BOHS P405 and PASMA Testing.

ACAD provides its members with a collective voice to represent their interests on all matters affecting the asbestos industry. We offer technical and legislative support and deliver asbestos occupational & awareness training. As a Trade Association ACAD offers a range of services to its members including:
•    Practical guidance on industry Health & Safety matters
•    Reduced rates on competitive, first-class asbestos training
•    Insurance - access to competitive quotations through ACAD Insurance Solutions
•    ACAD Auditing
•    Employment & HR Support Helpline
•    National representation at Health & Safety Executive level
•    Specific advice on asbestos legislation
•    Informative magazine and newsletter (both three times a year)
•    Technical Publications (Best Practical Means)
•    Free industry vacancy advertising on this website (exclusive to members)
•    Flexibility of Membership Categories
As it frequently becomes more common for clients to seek evidence of auditing as proof that companies have robust Occupational Health and Safety management systems in place, before considering placing an order for work, we identify and help correct any potential problems with company’s performance on site. The best way to achieve this is by independent auditing. ACAD have helped many of its members, both large and small achieve real improvements in their performance on site by highlighting areas where improvements can be made as a result of our site audits.  Many of the issues raised by the HSE during site visits could have been easily rectified by Management if they had been made aware of them by an independent audit, avoiding the often costly penalties subsequently imposed upon them.

As this is a mandatory requirement for Full Membership of ACAD, we require members to take action to meet the audit scheme criteria. Failure to do so may result in actions being taken by the Association. As part of the criteria for membership of ACAD, all Full Members must meet with the requirements of its Site Audit Scheme. The scheme requires that a Full Member is audited twice a year. One must be carried out by one or our ACAD audit team with the other supplied by ACAD or by an independent audit provider.

ACAD Structure
The ACAD team consists of the ACAD Manager, Three highly experienced asbestos trainers, Three highly experienced asbestos auditors, Our Membership & Publications Coordinator and Our Training Coordinator.
To support ACAD there are three committees made up of members:  
•    Management Committee
•    Technical Committee
•    Ireland Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring ACAD is managed effectively and the organisation continues to meet the needs of all members. The committee meets at least four times a year to review training, publications and membership issues.

Members of the ACAD Technical Committee are widely respected throughout the industry for their technical knowledge and expertise. The committee is responsible for approving ACAD asbestos training programmes and overseeing updates for all technical documents. The committee also provides constructive comments for the Health & Safety Executives on health, safety and licensing issues. More recently they have been invited to comment on proposed changes to the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations.

ACAD is dedicated to ensuring its members work to the exacting standards required by legislation in the Asbestos Industry. Working closely with the HSE's Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG), British Standards Institute (BSI) ACAD are able to offer its membership a variety of benefits depending on their individual requirements.

ACAD are members of EARA the European Asbestos Removal Association and attend many meetings discussing how the asbestos industry operates throughout Europe. We recently delivered a presentation on UK legislation at the meeting in Italy in 2010

European Research Project
ACAD are currently involved with PERA in a European research project called ALERT. We hope to develop a real time portable asbestos fibre detector with the target market aimed at trade persons. ACAD as a division of TICA are part of a twelve member consortium involved in the development of the detector.